It's fast and it's easy! There are three simple steps to finding a great cottage online.
First, find a cottage that you wish to rent, second, fill out the necessary Rental Agreement, and third, send your deposit.
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Don't forget your electronics
and your chargers.
The interactive map on the
website will show you the street
location of the cottage and
give directions.
Click for more details and
amenities under each cottage
for availability and also to
ensure bed sizes suit your 
party,  each cottage gives info
re: mattress sizes, pull outs
etc.  Please note whether
the cottage you want provides
linen, towels, etc. (most do not)
Does the arrival/departure
times and day work for your
Does the cottage you want
allow your pet?  Do your guests
have pets?  Please respect the
owner's pet policy.
Bluewater Cottage Rentals
does not sell cancellation
insurance.  Trip cancellation
insurance can be purchased
from various insurance
If you or anyone in you party
are not a full time resident of
the Province of Ontario, you
may not have access to health
care supplied by the  Province of Ontario. Confirm
your coverage with your health
care provider.
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